POLL: Do you have any idea what’s in the new healthcare bill?

House Republicans on Thursday narrowly passed their sweeping health care bill, moving one step closer to making President Trump’s campaign promise of overturning Obamacare a reality. Republicans had struggled to revive the enactment which had flatlined on the House floor a few short weeks ago.

All Democrats voted against the current bill on the House floor and 20 Republicans also voted ‘no.’ However, only 216 ‘yes’ votes were needed and the bill received a total of 217.

Health Secretary Tom Price said he anticipates the Senate, which votes next, will ensure the best-possible bill emerges and rejected criticism that the GOP plan would lead to more limited coverage.

But, many Americans woke up on Friday wondering exactly what the bill includes and omits.

This prompts us to ask you in today’s poll — Do you have any idea what’s in the new healthcare bill? 


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