Healthcare prices are skyrocketing with no end in sight. So too are the drug overdoses, and the deaths from drugs — 72,000 died in 2017 alone. It appears the number of deaths will rise again in 2018.  Kids are playing less sports on a national basis, but time spent on the computer and cell phone is going up.

Illegal aliens crossing into the US are at neck-breaking numbers, making the surges under the Obama administration look small. New forms of polio are now surfacing in most US states. MS-13 and gang activity is up in many cities, most of them sanctuary cities (no change there), and more cities are filled with people who no longer speak English as their primary language at home.

Homelessness is on the rise, entrepreneurship is down 44%, gas prices are up and will continue to go up according to experts; US schools continue to struggle, home ownership is down, tuition loans keep millennials from moving out on their own, the national deficit is skyrocketing, and tensions between Republicans and Democrats are at a boiling point with violence wiggling its way into political debate. The call for “free stuff” is on the rise, with new candidates emerging as self-proclaimed socialists. Nobody trusts the media or congress. Half the country hates the president. The other half either tolerates him, ignores him, or loves him to the point of seeing no wrong.

There’s some good news. Unemployment, which under the Obama administration was on the decline, and has gone even further down under Trump. Wages are rising slightly, but then again so too are the costs of living. The military is strengthening, but then again so too are our enemies as technology puts many countries on an equal playing field.  The DHS recently issued a report that our election systems are being hacked, but they can’t figure out who it is doing the hacking.  The stock market’s bull run, which started during the Obama administration, continues to stay on track under Trump. However, only 54% of Americans own stocks.

Is America on the decline?

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  1. My husband , a veteran of the USMC, has run a successful residential construction company for 22 years. Although the economy is doing better for others, he is on the verge of shutting down his business, as he can no longer compete with the illegal people who have taken over the industry. Was praying the Trump administration would have helped Americans working in the trades, but it gets worse every year.

  2. I guess it is time for us all to just give up and not even think about voting since nothing has changed. I guess from what you are saying about everything starting to improve under Obama we should have elected Hillery to carry on his policies it would have been perfect by now. I guess the MSM is telling the truth. I can start watching them again. I thought they were just twisting everything, but I guess I was wrong since you think the same thing. I have come to believe that the country is beyond saving. It is just getting worse all the time. Nobody in this country believes in anything anymore. I don’t even know why the illegals would want to come here. They can all come as far as I am concerned, at least when they take completely over, we can say we were right for once. At least when they take over we wont have so many people with different opinions in government and maybe we will all live by the same rules.

    • Julia, sarcasm I hope. Dennis does seem to be getting down on the President to much lately also with Hannity and others. He probably is right about ratings but they are keeping stories alive and in the faces of the opposition, which they can’t stand. This needs to be done, same as Denise’s fight against illegal immigration. Every bit, little or big helps. Stay the course , keep strong.

  3. DML is telling us truths backed by stats and videos. I guess if the truth is not what u want, then go back to listening to the alphabet news stations and read the liberal papers and mags. I want the truth!

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