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Congress won’t pay for the wall President Trump promised to build with Mexico’s money. The number of U.S. visas issued around the world remains high, as does the number of visitors who violate their visa agreements by staying past the deadline date. Meanwhile, the president will not mention mandatory e-verify — he has been under no pressure to do so. Put it all together and the immigration issue is bigger and badder than ever, say immigration experts like Dennis Michael Lynch.

A recent study by ivy league professors concluded there are more illegal aliens than reported by the government. According to the academics, there is roughly between 22 and 29 million people in the U.S. without permission.

A report from the Center For Immigration Studies claims that 84 cities in the U.S. include more people who speak a foreign language at home than they do people who speak English.

“President Trump has to enforce mandatory e-verify. He has to keep his campaign promises regarding immigration, especially if congress will not build the wall. And even if they do build a wall and it works, that solves only half the issue as 50% of illegal aliens came into the U.S. legally. We need to send a polite, concise, clear message to the White House that America needs mandatory e-verify,” said Dennis Michael Lynch who recently launched a call to action campaign to highlight mandatory e-verify.

DML News asks its readers today, “Is your town home to more illegal aliens today than in 2016?”

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