POLL: Are Kids Today More Spoiled Than When You Were a Kid?

One of the common themes we see when reading the letters and emails you send in to us is a general disappointment with today’s kids. Here are some of the comments we’ve received:

“They disrespect their elders.”
“Kids today have no discipline.”
“Today’s youth lack education.”
“Kids today no longer get punished.”

Overall, the one comment we see the most is this one: “They are spoiled.” But is it true?  Today, there are a record number of kids living in a home dependent on welfare. Many parents are working two jobs in order to survive. Schools are giving equal attention to illegal aliens who can’t speak English. The job market for kids is bleak, at best.   On the flip side, kids have more gadgets today, making life far more simple. They have “play dates” and “time out” sessions. They are provided “safe spaces” and spankings are looked down upon by courts.

Please take our poll — We’d like to know your opinion on the state of youth in America today.

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