POLL: Would you like to see Don Jr. enter politics?

Donald Trump Jr., the first son of our president who bears his first name, has been consistently active on social media and television interviews to defend and promote his father’s agenda at the White House.

While Ivanka and Eric Trump are also highly involved in the D.C. world since President Trump took office, many have speculated that Don Jr. is an emboldened image of a young, outsider conservative waiting to break into the political sphere.

There was also that time Don Jr. gave an incredible, rousing speech at the Republican National Convention last July.

And there’s no doubt the first son has an incredible love for his father and his family:

The question becomes if Don Jr. should enter the political spotlight in the future, or perhaps stick to running the successful Trump Organization and being a familial consultant to his father.

Would you like to see Donald Trump Jr. run for office someday? If you do, what kind of office?


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