POLL: Obama Approval Rating Highest Since Sept 2009

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A new CNN/ORC poll says Obama’s approval rating currently stands at 57% – the highest it’s ever been since September 2009 – but approval ratings of the Democrat Party have plunged downward.

The poll also shows that, while Obama’s favorability rating has risen, favorability perceptions of the Democrat Party has declined by 6 points since October – and the unfavorable rating of 54% is the highest it has been since 1992.

Favorability ratings for the Democrat Party has fallen among Democrats as well, currently at 81% – it dropped a full 10 points since late October, which is the lowest in over 10 years.

Among Independents, only 28% have a favorable opinion of the Democrat Party, dropping 11 points since late October.

CNN reported that President George W. Bush’s approval rating right before he left office in November 2008 had dropped to only 24%.

The poll said Obama’s approval rating among Democrats and left-leaning Independents is at 91%, and at 22% among Republicans and right-leaning Independents.

In comparison, favorable opinions of the Republican Party has risen, the poll revealed.   Now 41% overall have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party, with 52% having an unfavorable opinion – which is a 5 percent increase since last summer.

The poll also revealed that 49% of the people believe Trump can bring the right change to the country, while 45% say Obama did that, and 54% say he did not achieve that goal.

On uniting the country, 46% of people say Obama has united the nation, and 43% believe Trump will bring unity.

The telephone poll was conducted from Nov. 17 – 20 among 1,003 adults nationwide.

On November 8, CNN released a story titled “Could the polls be wrong?” and stated that the latest CNN/ORC poll showed Clinton was ahead of Trump by 5 points.   The next day, they were left wondering how they got it wrong.



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