POLL: Are you pro-choice, or pro-life?

Tomi Lahren hosts a program on Glen Beck’s network called “The Blaze.”  With virtually no distribution, there are multiple reports indicating The Blaze is barely holding on with very little viewership.  So, how then, did Tomi Lahren become so popular so quickly?

Lahren is a poster child of how internet video, when done effectively, can catapult name recognition overnight.  With more than 4,000,000 fans, Lahren now has a bigger Facebook reach than more seasoned conservative commentators like DML (1M), Sean Hannity (3M), Rush Limbaugh (2M), Laura Ingraham (1M), and Mark Levin (3M).

Although she is in her mid-twenties, Lahren has already developed a reputation for stirring the pot by rolling out nightly videos she calls, ‘Final Thoughts.’   In her videos, she often rips apart liberals by touting super conservative messages.  The results are amazing — each of her videos on Facebook average 5M views.

On Friday, Lahren tossed her fan base a bit of a curve ball when she appeared on the left-leaning TV show called, The View and told the audience she is “pro-choice.”   (You can watch the video by clicking here.)

To many conservatives, especially those who consider themselves staunch conservatives, “pro-choice” means the support of legalized abortion.  However, after posting our article about Lahren’s appearance, we received many emails from readers who claim to be staunch conservatives and pro-choice.   Therefore, we ask you to take our poll.  Are you pro-choice?


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