POLL: Rating your dad, and DML tells about his father

Written by DML
Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there in America.  Today is your day, and I hope you have the best 24-hours this life can offer.

Yesterday during my Walk & Talk, I expressed the meaning of contentment.  For me, being a great father is all I ever wanted.  I am a man who is truly content.

Being successful in business, having a nice home, having a happy marriage, and adding value to the community are important as well, but there is nothing as rewarding as being a dad.  The greatest thing in my life is my children.

My father took off when I was just 13-years old.  It was probably for the best because the times when he was home were very unpleasant.

My father served in U.S. Marines, and he did a tour in Vietnam.  He earned a Purple Heart and many other medals. Unfortunately, his time at war took a massive toll on him — today, he suffers from alcoholism, PTSD, and nightmares.

I stand proud of his service to this country, as does he.  His dedication to America has influenced me more than I probably realize.  And, despite the numerous mistakes he has made as a father and husband (my parents are divorced), he did influence how I carry myself as a dad.

Although what I am about to write will appear as a knock on my father, it’s not meant to be, but, my father’s poor decisions and lack of leadership in our home has influenced me to be a great leader inside my home.  I’ve dedicated my life to my kids and wife because I want them to have what I never did from him.

I wish my father a Happy Father’s Day, and I thank him for the service to America.   That said, I ask you to take this poll:  Did your father influence who you are today?


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