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A Trump administration policy which had required migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and other nations to first apply for asylum in the countries they travel through, instead of coming all the way to the U.S. border to request asylum, just got slapped down by a federal judge late Tuesday night.

U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly of Washington, D.C., who was appointed by President Trump, ruled that the administration failed to show it was in the public interest to implement the new policy last July without public notice or comment.

DMLNews App and founder Dennis Michael Lynch slammed the judge’s ruling, saying, “Now we will have more Central Americans coming to the border claiming asylum so they can apply for jobs at a time when there are no jobs for more than 20,000,000 Americans.  Not to mention the COVID-19 cases set to come from the Central American nations.”

We asked in a poll on Wednesday wether you believe this new ruling on asylum will open the floodgates for illegal immigration into the U.S.? A whopping 95.65 percent of people who took the poll agreed with DML, saying, “Yes, absolutely, the caravans will start right back up.”  See the results below:


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  1. All we need now to top off the destruction of America is a turd world invasion flood on our southern border. Don’t we have enough lazy low IQ pathetic scumbags in our country already?

    Here comes the flood of MS13 and other undesirable scumbags…..

  2. What is wrong with these judges I come to think they’re all idiots I don’t know who votes them inThis whole judicial system stinks I really think they don’t understand what’s going on here they have been sitting doing nothing they don’t know which way is up

    • According to the article, this Judge Kelly was appointed by Pres. Trump. My question is, are these judges being bought out by the liberal left?

    • They are all libtard judges who don’t care about anyone or anything EXCEPT the power the demorats will get when they not only allow them in but will allow them to vote……absencety ballots without any requirement for ID is another scam they’re to push

  3. The caravans have started again before the ruling of the Judge. They left already from Honduras with 50 and picking up more as they go. We don’t take care of our vets or homeless why should we take care of these people that wasn’t even born here?

  4. Here we go again. What is it with these anti Trump judges. This is a much needed rule not a hate against immigrants rule!

  5. When I wake every morning and see everything against our President, who only wants the best for us and America, I want to crawl back under the covers‼️

  6. All of Europe has their borders closed yet here we are in the U.S, trying to keep the Covid virus from becoming catastrophic and crushing our economy yet we have insane decisions from judges and left wing, all for politics.
    No reasonable, safe, life saving decisions to protect those living in US.
    Absolutely, positively Pure insanity!!

  7. Was Judge Kelly bought out by the liberal left? Yes, the illegals will pour in again and it is so stupid. More sick, more evil men from the east. Who is on the side of Trump and the American people to protect us from this mad infiltration?


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