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According to a new DML REPORT podcast, Brenda Snipes has a long history of screwing up elections in Florida.

Time and again, Snipes, who spearheads the elections office in Broward County, FL., has been accused of potential fraud by Republicans.  The GOP may have a valid argument.  A judge in 2016 found her to be in violation of election laws by means of destroying ballots.  Even so, Snipes has kept her job for 15-years. She remains in place today because Gov. Scott looks the other way — many say he does this because she is an African-American female Democrat.

The recount is under way in Florida, and Snipes is leading the charge in Broward County, FL.  With mysterious ballots being found in her Democrat-heavy county, Snipes and the recount team is under a microscope as Republicans Ron DiSantes and Gov Rick Scott are holding on to narrow victories for state governor and US Senate.  Meanwhile, Democrat US Senator Nelson, and socialist candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, are hopeful they will come out victorious.

With such a shady background, we ask DML News readers if Snipes should be trusted in the recount?

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  1. Are they going to ck to see how many people voted two-three-four etc times—-A recount for Arizona–& if you want Fl. — Do it all —Why was this not done for Arizona–

  2. We moved out of Broward County this spring after 23 yrs (Happy now in Mark Meadows district in NC). Brenda Snipes is a piece of work who keeps getting re-elected in a very liberal county. The first thing I did when I got north was inform her office to take us off the voter roles as moved……low and behold three days before the election we received our absentee ballots which had been forwarded by USPS! I fear I am going to end up in the roles with all the 120 year olds and the dead!!

    Look back to the 2016 election and you will see that Broward was about the last in the state to report, and the panhandle is an hour behind Broward! I watched and cked the vote on-line as well and it was like they were playing a “wait and see” kinda thing with Broward’s vote. Rick Scott is learning his lesson the hard way…..he should have gotten rid of her when he had the chance; politics will bite you in the ass.

    So much corruption and bs these days, us little folk need to see some big names go to jail for crimes that have become apparent…..put some people in jail DC!!

    • Welcome to NC.
      A shame that there is not someone you can report that to after having requested to be removed from the voter rolls in FL. Guess you also need to access the data base if they have one and see if someone voted for you there. And if so don’t know how it would be done, file a complaint of voter fraud since you know it was NOT you.

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