With the news cycle dominated by the school shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida earlier this month, the inbox at DMLNews has been filled with all sorts of comments.  However, there is one common theme we are seeing.

Many of the DML readers are of the belief that the big change between “yesterday” and “today” is the lack of prayer in school.

One reader sent this comment: “I am hearing about all these school shootings.  We didn’t have these when I was a kid but we did have guns.  I hear the news people blaming it on the violent movies they play in theaters and TV, but we had violent movies when I was kid too.  We had drugs when I was a kid too.  There is only one definite change between yesterday and today, and that is GOD has been stripped from our schools.  If they put prayer back in school we’d have less of these shootings.”

Should prayer be inserted back in public schools?