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In his podcast on Wednesday, DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch said President Donald Trump should issue three executive orders that would help protect Americans and help slow down Joe Biden’s radical plans to give amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens in the country.

DML suggested President Trump should do the following :

1. Issue an executive order to end birthright citizenship. The 14th Amendment was originally written to help children of slaves born in the U.S., but has been used to give citizenship to every person born on U.S. soil, even children of people in the country illegally. DML said he believes the Supreme Court would ultimately uphold this eexecutive order, thus ending the incentive for people to come to the USA to give birth.

2. Issue an executive order putting tariffs on Mexico until they get their own borders under coontrol and stop allowing migrants to comee through their country to the US.

3. Issue an executive order implementing mandatory e-verify, to end the incentive for people to come to the USA illegally for jobs.

Listen to the podcast.  The poll is below.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW. WE WANT YOUR OPINION! Should President Trump issue these 3 executive orders?

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    • Biden said that the first 100 days he will give 11 million illegals amnesty along with free healthcare and
      education and I’m sure a monthly income……….That is what America voted for I don’ think so………..

  1. I voted undecided only because if he’s not reelected than Biden will just reverse these along with any other E.O. that President Trump has issued. If President Trump does win thus than HELL YES ALL 3 OF THEM ASAP!!

  2. I believe President Trump will win with the grace of God. Please everyone pray, things are breaking our way. Only God can fix this. Prayer moves mountains. Imagine Seventy-four million people praying, quite a statement. God will listen.

  3. Let’s first ask this question with a Christ heart! Aren’t we suppose to love everyone! Whose world is this cause I know it’s not mine its he who got thrown down from the heaven so why do we treat our neighbors like poop, seek the kingdom of God it’s within us, make thine eye Single (pineal Gland) and your body will fill with light God is light … we are of the father and he is in us! We are in the time of son of man!

    • Yes, God’s Word does say that, but following that, He says unless it goes against His Will or commandments, then we obey God not man ! I don’t follow evil, I follow my Lord’s Will, which I know from His Word ! He tells us to fight evil, and I will do just that ! Trump/Pence 2020 ! AMEN and AMEN ! 💜💜💜💜


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