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After the first, and very fiery, presidential debate on Tuesday night between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, media anchors and pundits were calling for all future debates between the two to be cancelled.

Two additional debates between Trump and Biden are scheduled for October 15 and October 22. A debate between vice presidential candidates Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled for October 7.

But the media wants to end them all. Liberal news hosts and commentators were aghast after the debate Tuesday night, declaring Biden should not participate in any further debates with President Trump.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer claimed, “I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the LAST presidential debate.” The same statement echoed across the airwaves everywhere:

  • “We can’t do two more of these!”
  • “I don’t think the country’s going to be yearning for another one of these.”
  • “What’s the upside of doing two more of these?”
  • “Are we really going to repeat this?”
  • “There are very real questions about what is to be gained from being there.”

An op-ed in the Seattle Times went even further, saying ALL future presidential debates should be ended. The op-ed reads:

Tuesday’s presidential debate, coupled with the Democratic debates in the spring, have signaled loudly that their time has passed. No longer are these presentations of thoughtful, respectful, well-articulated philosophies and plans, rather they have devolved into arguments filled with inaccuracies and accusations.

With the wide range of information access points via the internet, we do not need to learn about candidates and their positions in this format anymore. A good debater does not necessarily make a good elected official or leader. Let’s stop this charade now!

Meanwhile, the future debates between Trump and Biden are still scheduled, but the organizers with the Commission on Presidential Debates say they are considering new rules and changes to the format. According to multiple reports, one option under consideration is cutting of the microphone for any candidate to “breaks the rules.”

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION. Should the tradition of presidential debates continue, or are they no longer helpful?

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  1. Set much better rules. Select a much more neutral moderator. Only allow the microphone to be live for whoever’s turn it is to speak.

  2. Debates, yes! Biased moderators, no! And I like your debate penalty idea! First few minutes were ok, till they BOTH ganged up on The Donald. Still, the President got in major substantive blows; while drawing Biden to lie & offer all he really has – talking points!

  3. I think the very first question that should be asked to the candidates is ” Do you have any type of listening device or transmitter attached to you?”

    One was seen on Biden and one was also seen on Clinton. If they say no and then later find out they have one there needs to be a very hefty fine to that person. If they have to debate again that person should be checked for one.

  4. Pretty sure this was part of their plans. make it look like Trump can’t be fair and cancel. Then Joe gets another pass and doesn’t have to answer questions the people want answers to. No doubt in my mind this wasn’t pre planed. They know Joe can’t win. He just says Trump lies and he is the one lying.

  5. Debates are fine. The format is wrong. Why does the moderator have to be from the media? Why not more than one moderator. Why not a warning 30 seconds before the 2 minutes are up so candidate can wrap up his thoughts. In the debate with trump and Biden Biden would say something untrue and trump wasn’t allowed a rebuttal. Unfair. When trump brought Hunter Biden Wallace changed the topic. It was biased in favor of the democrat no doubt. Too bad the moderator can’t be a computer.

  6. And why aren’t the same questions asked of each candidate, they give their answers- and then debate it- before a so-called moderator stops the discussion. You cannot ask a poited question about President Trump and his taxes if you don’t/aren’t prepared to ask a similar question of his opponent. How did Joe form a corp, take a salary and then claim profits that are not taxed in the same manner as salary? Or is he the only one that can use loopholes? Every time a debate broke out, Wallace interrupted and cut it off.

  7. It makes no difference what we do, the left, always stack the deck! Drug test, and check for listening devices, it was more than apparent Biden had one! Then we want someone fair and unbiased for a moderator.

  8. Debates are very important. However this was very much an unfair debate. Clearly it is known that the President and Wallace do not like each other. Wallace and Biden just more or less ganged up on Trump! Which pretty much is what the dems wanted, so noone will bother to watch the next 2. Or cancel future ones! Huge disservice to the American people!!

  9. Yes, keep the Debates! Find an impartial Moderator! Candidates should be asked the same questions! The Candidates should be drug tested, checked for wires and earpieces!! Without their consent! Just by Joe refusing says he was up to no good!!

  10. Lots of good ideas from comments made above. Hope someone can make these part of a new format for debates. That first debate was a total train wreck!!


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