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Amazon made an announcement this week that it is raising its minimum hourly wage for all US workers.

The mega-company owned by Jeff Bezos, has been criticized for underpaying its workers. Reports of Amazon employees living out of cars because they cannot afford housing made national news this year.

With the high cost of living in the US, should there be a national minimum wage hike to $15 for all US workers?

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  1. I remember when one person working could afford to provide for his family. Even if they didn’t have a College education. The wages should match the cost of living. People should be able to afford a Mortgage, or Rent, a Car for transportation, Food, Clothes, and maybe a little saved for a Family vacation. If you went to College than yes you should make more.

  2. A national minimum wage would soon make it just as it is now. A job that pays $15 would be the new poverty wage in a short time but it would take years for the states to base the ability to get any kind of assistance when people can’t make ends meet on that wage.

    What will happen once the minimum wage is raised is that businesses will have to raise their prices, example would be McDonald’s big mac would go from costing $6 to $8. The people that want this refuse to look at the entire picture. It will cost more money for factories to produce products, it will cost more for products to be delivered to businesses, so businesses have to pay more to get their products and they will pass that cost on to the consumers, restaurants will have to raise their prices because their supplies will cost more and the wages have to be paid, when customers have to pay more for things they will stop buying the things that they want vs the things that they need. Rents will go up because landlords will see that people have more money therefore they can pay more for a place to live, eventually we will see our utilities go up as well.

    There is no way to stop this from happening and when the progressives scream for $15 an hour they say that it will not hurt the economy. It has already been shown to harm the economy in the cities where the higher minimum wage has been implemented, small businesses have already gone out of business, hours have been cut, people laid off, price increases being passed on to the consumer.

    • So wish these people asking for higher minimum wage would take economics 101 and understand how and economy works. Well said Teresa

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