Poll shows results for Oprah v. Trump 2020 presidential matchup

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A new Public Policy Polling survey (PPP) pits President Donald Trump against television icon Oprah Winfrey in a 2020 presidential matchup after the TV magnate recently mentioned she may be interested in running.

In the poll, Oprah beats Trump by 47% to 40%. She also rates higher in favorability compared to Trump.

Recently, Winfrey mentioned she would consider a presidential bid even though she previously hadn’t seriously considered the idea. She stated this was because she didn’t have the necessary political experience. However, she is now citing Trump’s business and non-political background as reasons why she may be a viable candidate.

The PPP study covered a wide range of topics, including Trump’s use of ketchup with steak. “By a 27/56 spread, they disapprove of using ketchup as a condiment on steak. This is a rare issue where even Donald Trump’s own voters abandon him on something- only 34 percent of them approve of ketchup on steak to 52 percent who disapprove,” the study reads.

Other results in the poll show 24% of respondents support the GOP health care reform bill, and only 37% of respondents would support the border wall if American taxpayers inevitably have to pay for it. A majority of respondents also found CNN and The New York Times more credible than Trump.

H/T: Washington Examiner


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