Poll Shows Trump Gaining On Hillary In New Hampshire

A new poll from Monmouth University shows that Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump in New Hampshire is quickly disappearing.

Clinton had a 9 point lead over Trump in the Granite State last month, and is currently down to a 4 point lead with a 4.9 point margin of error.

The survey shows that among likely voters, Clinton has 46% support, Trump has 42% support, Gary Johnson has 7% and Jill Stein has 1%.

Clinton is currently doing better than Trump with women in the state, 56% to 31% while Trump is leading with men, 54% to 34%.

Those with a college degree favor Clinton 56% to 34% while those without a college education favor Trump 50% to 34%.

The poll also indicated that 33% of voters view Clinton favorably, and 57% view her unfavorable. 28% of voters view Trump favorably, and 61% view him unfavorably.

While New Hampshire isn’t a huge battleground state like Florida or North Carolina, the 4 Electoral College votes this state is worth are going to matter in what will be an extremely tight race.  Both candidates are spending an incredible amount of time in the state because they know the election could come down to the small state.  If Dennis Michael Lynch’s 2016 Map prediction is correct (click here to see it), then N.H. could be the difference between Trump winning the presidency, or at a very minimum drawing a tie with Clinton.  In the case of a tie, here is what happens: click here.


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