POLL: Are you struggling to get by?

This website posted a video Wednesday that is going viral.  It’s of a man calling into a Maryland based radio show to complain about the mainstream media and how they are stopping President Trump from making America great again.

The man explained that he wants the media to leave President Trump alone when it comes to all things Russia. He then begins to cry as he lists all the hardships in his life that stem back to the Obama administration.

“I have no extra money. I can’t rub two nickels together.  My girl can’t find a job to help me pay the bills.  I just want a couple of more dollars in my paycheck.  I need that tax cut.  I want the media to let this man do his job.” Perhaps the most powerful line is when he refers to himself as the “forgotten man.”  You can listen to the 90-second video by clicking here.

The question we ask you today is this:
Do you feel like you too are the forgotten man or woman?  Meaning, are you struggling?

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