POLL: Do You Think America Can Recapture the Good Ol’ Days?

America has changed a lot over the decades. Many people, especially older folks, say it’s a much different place than it was 30, 40, and 50 years ago. In other words, America is no longer what it used to be.

One of our readers recently sent DML a letter stating she loves President Trump, but he will never be able to truly make America great again. Sure, he can add more jobs and drive down the debt. Sure, he can kill ISIS and secure the border, but we will never recapture the days of yesterday. The spirit of America, the pureness of it all, she feels, is too far gone to restore.

The reader went on to describe the ‘good ol’ days’ and it made us question: “Does she have a point?” Even if President Trump was to accomplish every item on his list, can he, or can any of us, ever recapture the good ol’ days?

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