POLL: Do you think Facebook is biased?

Columnist Jeff Dunetz of the Jewish Star and Truth Revolt was a recent Walk & Talk guest with Harlan Hill.

Dunetz outlined a test that The Israel Law Center conducted on Facebook in order to determine if the social media giant is operating out of a political bias. In the experiment, two separate Facebook pages were set up simultaneously – one was pro-Israel and the other was pro-Palestine.

The same hateful rhetoric and language were used on each site against the other. When members of the law center anonymously contacted Facebook to report the hate speech posted by each page, again simultaneously, it was found that Facebook took down the pro-Israel page but left the pro-Palestinian page up and active. Watch the short interview here.

We receive complaints about Facebook bias each and every day. So, we wonder, was the law center’s experiment a true reflection of the bias that takes shape at Facebook?

Please take our poll — Do you think Facebook is biased?


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