POLL: Do you think Kushner can derail the Trump train?

‘Kushner is getting dangerous’ says conservatives like DML who wanted to see Trump supported by loved ones in the White House, but who didn’t think the billionaire businessman would be influenced by them when deciding on policy decisions.

“I wanted Kushner and Ivanka to provide loving support, and to prevent him from pumping out silly tweets about Rosie and Arnold. I didn’t want them handling trade deals and climate change meetings,” DML said during a recent Walk & Talk.

Earlier today we reported that Jared Kushner, who has business ties to George Soros, called Canada’s Prime Minister to urge him to call President Trump and ask for him to reconsider pulling out of NAFTA. Despite Trump’s vow to get America out of the terrible trade deal, the president agreed to reconsider NAFTA after receiving the call from Trudeau.  Obviously, Kushner has serious influence.

It is clear, Kushner is pulling more strings in the White House than anyone expected. Being the staunch liberal that Kushner is, and considering the business company he keeps, does this concern you?

We ask you, will Kushner and his influence over the president derail Trump’s agenda to make America great again?


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