POLL: Do You Understand Paul Ryan’s New Healthcare Plan?

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Written by DML

The GOP is terrible at messaging. This is because they can never agree on what the GOP stands for. Unlike the Democrats who are usually in sync with their message, the GOP is all over the place.

Case in point: Paul Ryan’s new healthcare plan to replace ObamaCare. There are GOP members who say the bill is ObamaCare 2.0, and then there are those who support the bill.

Speaker Ryan says the plan includes a 3-prong approach. I ask, “3 prongs?” Right there alone, I am confused. Do you understand the pronged approach? Maybe I am missing something.

Here’s an example of something that confuses me. Ryan says the new bill removes the personal mandate in ObamaCare. So, unlike ObamaCare, there is no penalty to pay if you don’t buy insurance. Sounds great. However, there are tax credits for those who do buy health insurance. Therefore, if you don’t want the insurance, or if you cannot afford it, you don’t get a tax credit. In other words, if I get insurance and you do not, I will pay the IRS less in taxes than you will because I purchased health insurance. That sounds like a mandate to me.

What do you think? Are Ryan and the GOP doing a bad job selling the healthcare plan to us? 


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