POLL: Do you want President Trump to make e-Verify mandatory?

Mandating e-Verify could be the single most effective tool in preventing illegal aliens from obtaining jobs in the United States. The program is a free, online resource which checks I-9 forms against Social Security and visa databases, and more.

In mere seconds, running e-Verify lets employers know if a prospective employee is a “green light” or a “tentative non-confirmation” for hire, the latter meaning he or she may not be authorized to work here legally.

Moreover, e-Verify might be the biggest deterrent to illegal workers applying for American jobs in the first place. In lower-skilled, lower-paying industries, ridding the job pool of illegal workers would automatically create more jobs and increase wages.

Currently, e-Verify is NOT mandatory. It is a voluntary system, and, therefore, few employers use it.

President Trump’s new budget proposal allocates $15 million to begin implementing the mandatory, nationwide use of the e-Verify program. DML says the $15 million is not enough money, but he is happy with the idea that the system will be mandatory.

Please take our poll: Do you want President Trump to make e-Verify mandatory?

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