An audio clip has gone viral and is all over the news this week, after a Georgia high school student studying for her world literature course searched for the pronunciation of “laurel”, and actually heard “yanny” instead.

When the student, Flowery Branch High School freshman Katie Hetzel, shared the recording with her friends, they all heard it differently.

A recording Hetzel made of the audio clip has gone viral on social media, as some people hear “laurel” when it is played, and others hear “yanny.”

Wired shared an explanation for the bizarre phenomenon:

The higher frequency sounds in the recording make people hear “Yanny,” whereas the lower frequencies cause others to swear they hear “Laurel.” What you hear depends on what sounds your brain is paying attention to, your past experiences, and what you’re expecting to hear. What word you experience might also have to do with your age. Older adults often start losing their hearing within the higher-frequency range, meaning it’s possible that more young people hear “Yanny.”

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