Another police officer was killed in the line of duty Monday – brutally murdered by burglary suspects she was attempting to apprehend.

The young female Baltimore officer ordered four male burglary suspects to get out of their vehicle. Instead, they just ran over her and fled.

Baltimore County Police Chief Terrence Sheridan said at a news conference that Americans are “seeing something in this country we’ve never seen before.”

“Officers who have died at the hands of gunshots is up,” Sheridan said. “This is a bad time in the United States for law enforcement.”

Fox News reported Monday evening:

Since the start of 2018, at least 37 law enforcement officers across the U.S. have died while on duty — with 24 of the deaths caused by gunfire.

Roughly 135 cops died in 2016, making it the deadliest year for police officers in at least five years, Fox News has found. While there were fewer deaths in 2017, the numbers weren’t much better: A total of 129 officers died last year. And 46 of those were caused by gunfire.

In addition, the ACLU has jumped on board, sending a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday demanding that Amazon stop selling facial recognition technology to the government, after they learned it was being used by law enforcement officers.

The ACLU and a coalition of rights groups who signed the letter claimed that Amazon’s technology is allowing the police to “target and track minorities, immigrants and political protesters.”

Increasingly, respect for America’s law enforcement officers is disappearing, especially among the youth, as they often demonstrate “resistance” to police instead of respect.

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