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With the new book from former FBI Director James Comey about to hit bookstands, the media is having a field day playing the two sides of America.

The more right leaning outlets like Fox News are pounding on Comey, saying he is trying to monetize his time as a FBI director by playing politics — something the FBI frowns upon.  On the flip side, there are liberal leaning outlets like CNN who are praising Comey in the hope his book will bring down the president.

At DML News, the emails we are receiving are a bit different.  The emails we read are more focused on Comey and a general disgust towards the alleged “lies” he is spreading.  We haven’t seen this sort of backlash since Hillary Clinton was running for president, and throughout Obama’s entire time in office.

So, the question we have for DML News readers is this: “Who do you dislike the most, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or James Comey?

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