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In an eye-opening report published Saturday about the new wave of migrants coming into the US, Dennis Michael Lynch showed screenshots from the Twitter database that reveals all of Trump’s tweets since taking office. Never once has Trump tweeted about e-verify.

Influenced by an article published in the Wall Street Journal that highlights how 42,000 migrants from Guatemala have migrated to the U.S. recently, and how US officials cannot understand why it is happening or how to stop it, DML held nothing back at providing all the facts that prove the US government and the Trump administration have ignored the real reason why the migrants are flowing into the US at numbers worse than those during the Obama presidency. READ DML’s REPORT.

According to the WSJ, migration from Guatemala is up 71% year over year, and most of these people are claiming asylum.  The US does not reject any person with a legitimate asylum story whether it is true or untrue.  They are given passage into the country, and asked to return for a court date.  Most never appear in court because their claims are bogus.

DML states, “Trump ignores this all because his economic data would be hurt if cheap labor was not readily available.” He goes on to say, “Trump, whether he realizes it or not, is loading up the US with future Democratic voters.”

DML has made several attempts to force Trump into recognizing e-verify, the one tool that can help stop illegal immigration as it would help cut off the jobs magnet.  In his report, DML explains how the “wall” would not stop the flow of migrants as they’d still knock on the door seeking asylum.   But Trump has purposely ignored DML and TEAM DML because as one White House staffer who asked to remain anonymous tells Lynch, “The people of this country who run businesses want cheap labor, the president is listening to their wishes.”

DML’s screenshots show it all. The president has tweeted more about TV ratings, DACA amnesty and the Apprentice than he has  e-verify (0) and the wall.  After looking over the screenshots below, we ask you to take the poll published at the bottom.

Why won’t Trump talk or tweet about mandatory e-verify?

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