POLL: Will the mainstream media lose its credibility?

Unnamed sources have been cited day after day by the mainstream media to push the witch hunt against the president and his “alleged” collusion with Russia.  Unfortunately, the media has gotten away with this nonsense time and again.  But now the tide seems to be shifting some, at least at CNN.

This week, 3 CNN reporters were left no choice but to resign after putting out a false story about a Trump campaign team member having ties to Russia.  Then Project Veritas put out two undercover videos taken from within the halls of CNN.  One video captured a producer, and the video captured on-air personality Van Jones.  Both videos revealed that the Russia narrative is meaningless and nothing more than a means of grabbing higher ratings.

With the videos being undeniable, do you think the mainstream media will pay a price in the sense it will lose credibility, and ultimately lose it’s audience?

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