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Judge Brett Kavanaugh is expected to win big on Saturday. Not only will the US Senate vote him into the US Supreme Court, but it concludes an ugly period of circus-like media stories based on allegations that offered little to no substance.

Although Kavanaugh will get the needed votes, the Democrats will likely carry the story on the campaign trail. According to Dennis Michael Lynch, for the next 30-days Democrats will be heard telling of how Republicans looked past sexual assault claims against Brett Kavanaugh in order to stack the SCOTUS to the “right”.

The question becomes, will this be a bad strategy for the Democrats, or will the strategy of pushing evidence-lacking claims spark women to get up and vote blue in November?

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  1. I think the American people are smart enough to not fall for anything the Dems say! They are dirty players and I think men realize that what happened to Kavanaugh could happen to any of them at any time. All it would take is for one woman getting angry because she doesn’t get what she wants and their life could be ruined or for someone to offer her enough money and she would say anything. I can’t see anyone wanting a bunch of politicians in their government that is happy to ruin a mans reputation on accusations that can not be proven!! That is just the most wrong thing I have ever seen. I can’t help but think about that old TV show ” College Girls Gone Wild” That is what this story has brought to my mind. I know that in those times college kids were pretty wild, not just the boys but also girls.

  2. Well the way I see it, they’ve done it to President Trump from the very beginning. Calling him name’s, accusing him of everything to try to impeach him. Here comes Brett Kavenaugh another Republican holding a job to the highest level. His not immune to their agenda. That’s any Republican voted in. Another thing in my opinion…they are losing people in the highest level and the people that are replacing them cannot be bought and their crimes will be revealed. They cannot afford to have people who will uphold the Law and the Constitution in that possession. Because in the past that’s all they’ve been doing. Breaking the Laws and getting away with it including murders. That’s just my opinion.

  3. I said no it is not going to help them. I say that because I’ve seen so many of the people that I know that are Democrats or lean heavily left saying that they are disgusted with what they saw and will not be voting for any of the Democrats running in their area. I believe that the more that the Democrats talk about this on the campaign trail it is going to galvanize more of the conservative women to vote because they have seen what the outcome would be for their male relatives should they ever be the victim of false claims. The conservatives have seen the hatred that wasn’t even remotely concealed during the questioning of Brett Kavanaugh and that has them concerned, even my left leaning friends saw it and it has angered them enough to want to remove their Democratic Senator from office.

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