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President Trump held a rally on Tuesday night in Mississippi. During the event, the president mocked the testimony given by Dr.Ford during the Brett Kavanaugh sex assault allegations hearing last week.

The remarks by Trump sparked a storm of negative reaction from Democrats. I addition, Senator Flake, a Republican, called the remarks “appalling”, and an Independent senator from the state of Maine said the remarks could cause Kavanaugh’s appointment to be denied.

The president poked fun at Dr. Ford’s testimony, stating she couldn’t remember anything but having one beer at the party where the alleged assault took palce. Some of the president’s mocking statements “mischaracterized” Dr. Ford’s testimony, said Senator King (I-Maine) during an interview with CNN.

The senator pointed out that the president’s remarks were political in nature, and that using Dr. Ford’s testimony for political gain was a bad move. He went on to say that just last week Trump praised Dr. Ford’s appearance in front of the US Senate.

With some Republican senators on the fence about voting for Kavanaugh, such as Sen. Flake, we ask DML News readers this question: Will Trump’s comments hurt Kavanaugh’s chances of being voted onto the Supreme Court?

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