POLL: Will You Be Upset if ObamaCare is Not Fully Repealed and Replaced?


Former House Speaker John Boehner suggested on Thursday that, under Republicans’ tutelage, a full repeal and replacement of ObamaCare is not going to happen.

The Ohio Republican, who was voted out as speaker in 2015, also said he felt amused when he heard President Trump and Republicans guarantee quick action on revamping the health care law.

“Republicans never ever agree on health care,” Boehner stated from a health care conference in Orlando. “Most of the framework of the Affordable Care Act, that’s going to be there.”

In response, the House Freedom Caucus posted on Twitter: “We made a promise to the American people. The Freedom Caucus remains 100% committed to full repeal & replace.”

Over the coming weeks, House Republicans plan to unveil a replacement for the major areas of the Affordable Care Act, involving tax credits, health savings accounts, and high-risk pools. However, crucial details of the overhaul remain a mystery and many Republicans are sounding a lot like Boehner by hinting that ObamaCare will be the baseline for the overhaul.

Please take our poll — We’d like to know how far you are willing to bend when it comes to ObamaCare.


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