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Coronavirus “experts” are now saying Americans may have to get used to wearing masks for the next “several years.” Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, recently said until there is a vaccine, the best defense to fight coronavirus is social distancing and wearing masks.

“I think that mask wearing and some degree of social distancing, we will be living with — hopefully living with happily — for several years,” he said, adding that for those who first refuse to wear a mask, “They will get over it. It’s just a question of how many people get sick and die before they get over it.”

Responding to the story in his morning briefing on Tuesday, DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch said, “It’s all speculation and fear mongering in my opinion.  People spread colds and flu all the time, and we don’t shut down the country or wear a mask. We really need better leadership both in government positions and in the health industry. Meanwhile, when will all these brainiacs tout the immune system? Answer is they won’t do it. Why? Because they can’t make money off healthy people, and nobody makes “series” or “films” about people being healthy. ”

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION! Would Americans be willing to wear face masks for ‘several’ years?


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  1. Have not worn a mask and don’t plan on it
    PS – where are my free CBD mints from the first order? 😝

  2. No Masks!!!! Wearing of masks is absolutely ridiculous !!!! They do not prevent or cure it’s a hoax perpetrated on the American people by the by far left to prove that through intimidation, fear and misinformation from the news organizations they can control the citizens of this country and that we will not defend our rights and freedoms.

    • Agree. They want to see what we will accept. It just gets worse from here. They don’t want CASH anymore either and are working on digital cash only at this moment. Travel will also get restricted if we let them win. Vote RED everybody.

  3. I do not wear a mask unless I absolutely have to to get groceries! I can’t breathe with them on! Re-breathing your own breath it’s not good for your immune system nor for anyone that has breathing problems. Why is no one ever talking about your immune system and keeping it strong? For being 72 years old my immune system is very strong and I do believe that my CBD helps in that regard.

    • Your post sounds like I had written it. It is exactly what I am feeling and doing. I put the mask on at the door where it is posted that I must and whip it off right outside when I leave. I have taken to only buying one or two items I need because five minutes is my limit before gasping. The silver lining is no more strolling and impulse buying. I save a bundle!

  4. But even if they do, I will not. This is my “Give me freedom or give me death” declaration and stand. Enough is enough.

  5. Not only a NO, but a f¥€# NO! When will the sheep learn that the masks aren’t effective and you’re likely to get sick from long term wear?

  6. This whole virus thing is a TEST to see how far the tyrannical left can go in taking away the freedoms of the people of this country before they say enough is enough and stand up for their rights

  7. Absolutely NOT! But this poll made me wonder… do women wearing burkhas contract COVID? They shouldn’t since they obediently, like sheep, keep their nose and mouth covered!

  8. My standard post in reply to this mask issue: They make it sound like you will have ‘Eternal Life’ if you wear a mask.
    Wear your mask makes no difference to me. Please don’t preach to me about how santimious you are…

  9. I will not wear a mask if mandated by any lawmakers or presidential executive order. Fear will not control, rule or motivate me. If mask are required to enter places of business I will not enter or do business with that company or government facility. I am at the point that resistance is the only solution to this hyped up pandemic. People, we need to wake up to what the reality really is. This pandemic is being hyped up in order to apply pressure to President Trump, it’s basically a slap in his face. World leaders are sending him a message and that is we will have our one world system of governance, like it or not we will have our way. The media is controlled by the same Marxist world leaders. The democrats are their only hope and they intend on making sure president Trump loses the 2020 election. I would not be surprised if President Trump has many attempts on his life right now and after the election, IF he wins. If the president loses the election it will be by fraudulent numbers, guaranteed.

  10. I won’t wear one! Neither will I shop where it is required. This whole COVID thing has been driven by MSM. I’m sick of it!

  11. I wear one at Mayo Clinic because we have to take our daughter there quite often… About May, they started a MANDATE on masks to enter.. Before that, it wasn’t required….. Why now??? but we do what we gotta do…and I do put one on in groceries, but I would say about half do not wear one… We are under a test to see how fast we cave and let the NWO control us… This is a hoax, for sure….. My last CBD orders did not have the good mint taste as my first few orders…….I have added my own Young Living Peppermint oil to them, so I can invest them….about made me sick without my oils added…. What happened?

  12. The virus is real. It is different. But so was the Spanish flu, the Hong Kongflu, the Swine flu…
    We still have mutated strains of them going around. Vaccines take YEARS to make and ‘maybe’ be a little bit effective. But they use fetal and animal DNA in making them. So, I won’t be getting any vaccines. I will use a mask only in a store if I have to. Otherwise I’m maskless.
    Now this is just me. We each have the FREEDOM, so far, to make our own decisions. This is mine.

  13. I only wear a mask to go to my doctor appointments. I have been an adult and taking care of myself for many years now and I don’t need idiots that can’t even keep their stories straight telling me what I can and can’t do. I am so fed up with the BS! They made it mandatory in Kansas on Friday and black people are complaining about it so they won’t keep it mandatory. They don’t want to upset blm here.

    • I live in Kansas too..I never wear a mask..the only time I get out is to go to the grocery store. I know its mandatory now..(I have my groceries delivered now)…safe that way, anyway~


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