The U.S. government, yet again, is heading for another potential shutdown.

By the end of this week, if President Trump can’t convince Congress to work something out with the federal budget, a nationwide close down will take fold.

The Washington Examiner reports the following:

“White House officials are scrambling to keep the government funded amid contentious immigration talks and disagreements about spending on items from the military to disaster relief.

President Trump wants to see Congress pass a short-term spending bill that averts a government shutdown when funding runs dry at the end of the week, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Wednesday.

But Democrats have pushed to attach protections for young, undocumented immigrants to any spending bill, and Republicans remained divided on Wednesday about how to proceed.

“The president certainly doesn’t want a shutdown, and if one happens I think you only have one place to look and that’s to the Democrats, who are holding our military and our national security hostage by trying to push through other policies that have nothing to do with the budget,” Sanders told reporters at the White House.

“We would like to, again, get a budget deal done — a two-year budget deal, a clean budget deal — and then focus on negotiations, following that deal, with finding a permanent solution to DACA and responsible immigration reform,” Sanders added, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. “We’ve said that many times before. Our position has not changed.””

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