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Dennis Michael Lynch received this letter from a lady who visited our website today and contacted us through the “submit news” tab.

Dear DML:

The last few days, there have been conversations regarding the polls being unreliable for several reasons, one of them being that no one knows how many undercover Trump supporters are out there.  I’m one of them.  Hearing the pundits go on and on about how these supporters are so ashamed to admit they’re going to vote for Trump that they won’t even say so if polled is making my blood boil.

We are not ashamed!!! WE ARE AFRAID!!!

Trump supporters have been terrorized and their properties vandalized just for having a Trump-Pence sign in their yards.  People’s cars have been keyed (or worse) for having the audacity to display a Trump bumper sticker.  Look what happened to Trump supporters in San Jose.  Look what happened to Trump supporters in Costa Mesa.  Look what happened to Trump supporters in West Hollywood.  Look what happened to Trump supporters in Pittsburgh. Look what happened to Trump supporters in Chicago.  Look what happened to Trump supporters in Minneapolis.  Worst of all, these victims have been framed by the media as being suspect, as if they brought on the violence themselves, and Trump is responsible.

But don’t worry… We definitely will not be afraid to put a checkmark next to Trump’s name in the voting booth. The Undercover Trump Supporters will be out in full force.  Ms. Conway’s got it right.

It’s time to take our country back!



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