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As DML News reported on Tuesday, California is now a “Sanctuary State,” as Gov. Jerry Brown places the fate of illegal immigrants as being of the upmost importance, even as his state is plagued with homelessness and crime.

Brown signed the law in October, which just went into effect Monday, protecting an estimated 2.3 million illegal aliens in the state. California police are no longer permitted to ask people about their immigration status, or participate in federal immigration enforcement activities, in most cases.

Now, the California Department of Transportation has confirmed that up to five “official-looking signs” have been erected, declaring the state an “official sanctuary state” that welcomes felons.

The signs (see an example below) read, “OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE. Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!”

According to The Washington Examiner:

“One sign posted on Interstate 15 at Mountain Pass near the California-Nevada border has been taken down, Caltrans spokesman Mark Dinger told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

“A second sign was confirmed attached to a highway sign on Interstate 40 in Needles, Calif., west of the California-Arizona border. A crew of transportation employees has been dispatched to take it down.

Dinger said there are unconfirmed reports of up to three more signs posted around the Golden State, including at the California-Oregon border. He also said they were made of paper even though they look like metal fixtures.”

Dinger says the signs aren’t authorized, and that the Caltrans signs are being removed “for safety reasons.”

California also controversially began the legal distribution of recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, as the Sunshine State follows in the footsteps of Colorado. “First-day sales were brisk in shops lucky enough to score one of the roughly 100 state licenses issued so far,” the Associated Press reported.



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