President Fox Says Sorry, Invites Trump To Mexico

Mexican President Fox 1

Former Mexican leader says he can “help Trump think intelligently” about trade and other issues.

When Donald Trump announced at the beginning of his candidacy that he would build a wall on the border and make Mexico pay for it, Mexican President Vicente Fox was not AT ALL receptive to the idea.   Instead he exploded.

“I am not going to pay for that f—ing wall,” Fox said.   He called Trump “Ignorant … crazy … egocentric … nasty … [a] false prophet.”

Trump call on him to apologize.

Finally, Fox has apologized, in an exclusive interview with Brietbart News while in California Wednesday.

“I apologize. Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities that human beings have, is the quality of a compassionate leader. You have to be humble. You have to be compassionate. You have to love thy neighbor,” he said.

He also invited Donald Trump to come to Mexico, to see the border from the other side.

Brietbart reports that Fox discussed the important trade relationship the United States and Mexico have, saying the U.S. benefits from Mexican labor.   

He urged Trump to “be more responsible” and suggested he can help Trump to “think intelligently” about trade and other issues.




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