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President Trump’s recent remarks on DACA highlight the urgent need to put pressure on lawmakers to insist that they put American citizens first! During his speech at the Gridiron dinner Saturday night, Trump once again said that the GOP will continue to push for DACA and that he loves the Dreamers:

“On the way in tonight, someone asked me what I think about the Dreamers. I love the Dreamers. I do love the Dreamers. … I’ll be honest. … I really believe the Republicans want to solve this problem—DACA—more than the Democrats and certainly faster. So, we’re all working together and I hope that something’s going to happen. I really do. I  hope that something’s going to happen. … We’re talking about the Dreamers and, quite honestly, Democrats can fantasize all they want about winning in 2020. Those are the Dreamers. … I’m a Dreamer also,” Trump stated during his Gridiron remarks.

The DVD trilogy orders start shipping from DML News! A set of three eye-opening documentary films about the tremendous costs of illegal immigration are being utilized to get the attention of Congress and fight against proposals of amnesty by President Trump and pro-immigrant lawmakers, through a special offer from DML News CEO and documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch.

Most members of Congress have never visited the border, or gone to a job fair to see Americans applying for jobs that are often given to illegals. In 2013, DML and his fan base sent copies of his films, They Come to America I and II, to members of Congress. It helped stopped the “Gang of 8” bill from granting amnesty. It’s time to do it again, now that Trump is talking about amnesty.

DML has now packaged these three powerful documentaries into one trilogy set. Anyone who purchases a set receives another trilogy set FREE, to send to the White House or Congress. Please see important details below.


Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends said They Come to America: The Cost of Illegal Immigration was Oscar worthy.  Problem was, Hollywood would not give the film a chance because it put an American face on the problem of illegal immigration.

Sean Hannity dedicated an entire hour program to They Come to America II: The Cost of Amnesty.  Hannity said, “Such an important film when America’s security is at stake.”

They Come to America III: The Cost of Obama’s Legacy was “the best film about illegal immigration ever made”,  claims broadcasting legend, John Roland.

Governor Mike Huckabee dedicated an unprecedented two segments of his TV program to highlight DML’s work along the borders, stating it was the best set of documentaries he had ever seen regarding border security.

When DML walked off the set of Huckabee, he was greeted by actor Jon Voight.  “I am so impressed Mr. Lynch,” said the Hollywood icon.

DML is currently producing They Come to America 4: The Cost of Open Borders.  He says it will be the most important film he’s made on the topic of immigration.  It is expected to be complete spring 2018.

“It is so important for people to see the first three films, that I am going to give away DVDs for free,” said DML during a recent interview.

They Come to America I, II, and III are now available on DVD. The three films are packed together in one DVD case called the “TRILOGY.”  Shipping of the TRILOGY begins March 15.  If you pre-order now, you will receive a FREE TRILOGY.

DML has two more films also available on DVD.  ‘We Ride to DC’ and ‘A Day at Bundy’s.’  If you pre-order the TRILOGY, you can pick up both films for just $5 each.

Again, if you order the TRILOGY now, you get a FREE TRILOGY to send to the White House.  The price is just $45.  That’s 6 DVDs for just $45.

If you want to tack on We Ride to DC and A Day at Bundy’s, the total cost is just $55. Every order made today comes with a personalized thank you note from DML.

The FREE TRILOGY offer will end on March 15, and because we plan on giving away so many for free, DVD quantities will be limited.  If you order today, you help DML showcase They Come to America 4, as it helps pay the fees to get the film listed on demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

To order online now, click the yellow ADD TO CART button below.

To pay via check, make it payable to TV360 and mail to this address:
PO Box 704
Amagansett, NY 11930.

Pick your choice from the drop down menu, and then click the yellow button.  You do not need a PAYPAL account to order.

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