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President Donald J. Trump has been in office for 365 days as of Saturday, and many publications are using the anniversary to “review” his accomplishments and seek comments from voters.

The president himself wrote an op-ed for The Washington Examiner titled: “President Trump: A year of real change.” In it, he says he has never stopped fighting for American’s from the time he took office, and does not plant to stop doing so, even as “Democrats continue to obstruct and play politics.”

Trump writes: “I promised Jan. 20, 2017, would be remembered as a new day for all Americans – the day the people became the rulers of this nation once again. For the past 365 days, that promise has been my guide.”

Trump notes his many accomplishments, including: putting America first, a robust U.S. economy, tax cuts and tax reform, increases in their American paychecks and retirement accounts, American companies growing and creating more jobs, ending the war on coal, rooting out violence and restoring the rule of law in communities, the rebuilding of America’s military, a new national security strategy, victories over ISIS, reforms for veterans and appointment of federal court judges “who will interpret the law as written – including our exceptional new Supreme Court Justice, Neil Grouch.”

The president concludes: “After one year, I am proud to report to the American people that we truly are making America great again – for all Americans!”

A piece in the New York Daily News describes Trump’s first year as “a serious year of achievement” and “triumphant.” The story lists many of the same accomplishments as the president did, and also adds an acknowledgement that gains in the stock market are incredible under this president. “The stock market, described by no less than Trump arch-enemy CNN as a ‘runaway freight train,’ has broken 26,000,” the Daily News reports.

The Daily News goes on to describe economic and military achievements under Trump, before declaring: Any of these accomplishments would be seen as triumphs for a first-year President. But the real Trump accomplishment is something rarely mentioned if seen almost daily. Trump has become exactly the President so many millions of Americans wanted to see. He is the guy who has arrived in Washington with the explicit task of disrupting the status quo.

Trump is effectively leading a war against those who for decades have commanded the heights of modern media, politics, finance, race relations, college campuses, entertainment, environmentalism, the judiciary and more. Even, of all the unlikely places in the Washington bureaucracy, the FBI. The culture is changing in ways long overdue.

Reuters and Fox News set off to ask Trump supporters if they regret their decision to vote for Trump in the election. Reuters reports: “In interviews with more than half a dozen Trump supporters, mostly women, his backers remained largely committed to him, citing his immigration policies and a belief that tax reform will create jobs amid a growing economy. Many of them were unfazed by Trump’s combative style and provocative language.”

According to the Fox News report: “Much like the rest of the country, voters in America’s heartland either love Trump or dislike him. But in an area that overwhelmingly voted for Trump, the passion for him remains high.”

NPR put out a review of the president’s first year, and the publication found at least two negatives to attribute to him, reporting: “The nation’s carbon dioxide emissions rose, and the amount of student debt grew by $47 billion.”

Finally, the Gateway Pundit’s glowing review of President Donald Trump’s first year includes an extensive list of his accomplishments, including those mentioned above, as well as others, such as the more than 90 executive actions he signed in his first 100 days alone, and his successful meetings with world leaders.

In conclusion, the Pundit declares: “Overall President Trump’s first year in office was outstanding. He was attacked from all sides at times and stood tall and to his principles.  America is stronger and greater than ever before.  The economy is growing and the world is safer.  2017 was certainly one of the greatest years in US history.  President Trump kept his promises and has truly Made America Great Again!”

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