President Trump’s personal lawyer hires his own attorney

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal lawyer, has hired legal representation stemming from the special counsel investigation into Russia’s alleged election interference, according to NBC News.

NBC’s Katy Tur released a cluster of tweets Friday that claim Cohen hired D.C. attorney Stephen M. Ryan ahead of the testimony he will give before the House Intelligence Committee on Sept. 5. The testimony was delayed due to “scheduling and logistics,” according to Tur’s unnamed source.

Tur has also reported that a “source with knowledge” tells her that Michael Caputo, a communications adviser hired to the Trump campaign by Paul Manafort, has been contacted by the FBI.

Tur says Caputo has also hired a lawyer, former New York Attorney General Dennis Vacco. In May, Caputo was asked to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Tur says Caputo requested an open hearing.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence also hired lawyers to represent them in the investigation.


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