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Go to and you’ll find a pro-Hillary Clinton political action committee (PAC) that is now spending over $1 million on building a “task force” — the job at hand is to correct Bernie Sanders supporters on social media sites.

The PAC launched what is being called, “Barrier Breakers 2016.” The strategy is to get pro-Hillary folks to search social media sites and debate supporters of the Senator Sanders’s presidential campaign.  (They refer to Sanders supporters as “Bernie Bros.’)

According to Correct the Record, the task force will “combat online political harassment,” boasting that it has already “addressed more than 5,000 individuals who have personally attacked Secretary Clinton on Twitter.”

“The task force will provide a presence and space online where Clinton supporters can organize and engage with one another and are able to obtain graphics, videos, gifs, and messaging to use in their own social spaces,” the group states.

“Additionally, the Barrier Breakers 2016 task force hopes to embrace the creativity of Hillary Clinton’s supporters by sharing their efforts and content with other groups,” it continues.


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