Professor: “Whiteness” Must Be Demolished

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This “Imagine A World Without Whiteness” lecture will leave you stunned.   (And they say Trump’s “rhetoric” is divisive.)

History professor James Harrison’s lecture at Portland Community College on Monday, April 4th, is one that has left many speechless.    The 38-minute lecture, titled “Imagine a World Without Whiteness” claims that it is impossible for peace to prevail in the nation as long as “whiteness” exists.  

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He says the power structure of “whiteness” must be totally eliminated, dismantled and demolished.

For Harrison, the term whiteness is essentially a social category to which whites belong.  “So whiteness, white people, share a whole lot of things, even if they don’t interact, and one thing that they share is whiteness, or white privilege,” he said.

“Little by little, we need to start opposing this whole “whiteness structure.”    We need to dismantle whiteness, and we dismantle it by taking personal action.    Can we live in a world without whiteness?   Yes, because it’s happened before, and it all revolves around individuals taking small steps to dismantle and demolish the whole concept of whiteness.   You need to take the time to read more about whiteness and what it does.”

He concluded his lecture by stating that education needs to be more than multi-cultural, but anti-racist.

Demolish whiteness – and promote multi-culturalism and anti-racism – then the nation will be at peace.




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