Prosecution Using Guns As Final Evidence In Bundy Case


According to KGW Portland, the Bundy Trial prosecutors rested their case on Tuesday in the trial against seven protesters who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The final evidence presented by the prosecution included 22 long guns and 12 handguns, as well as 16,636 rounds of ammunition which was displayed in 13 black tubs in front of the jury. The guns and ammunition were all found at the refuge after the last protesters were taken into custody.

According to reporter Sara Roth at KGW, a few supporters of the occupation who attended the trial were confused by the display of guns and ammunition since a stockpile of this size is not unusual for people who hunt, own ranches, or collect guns.

It is not yet known if the guns and ammunition will be successful evidence against the defense. The trial is expected to last through November.


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