Protest against ‘KKK’ Sessions projected on DOJ headquarters

Filmmaker and artist Robin Bell projected another image of protest in Washington, D.C. Thursday night, the latest at the Department of Justice headquarters and the FBI building depicting Attorney General Jeff Sessions dressed in a Ku Klux Klan costume along with a collection of hashtagged messages.

Bell claimed credit for the images portrayed on the buildings located on Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and the U.S. Capitol. The messages on the images read β€œ#SESSIONSMUSTOGO, #WeNeedToSeeTheMemo and #fireSessions.”

The messages referred to the alleged memo written by former FBI Director James Comey following a conversation with President Trump regarding the FBI’s investigation into former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn.

Bell’s first projected protest this week appeared Monday night on the Trump International Hotel, also located on Pennsylvania Avenue, and read “Pay bribes here” and “Emoluments welcome.”

In an interview with CNN, Bell said he projected the messages on the hotel to raise awareness of accusations that foreign leaders can gain access to the president by paying to stay at the Trump International Hotel in D.C.

According to Bell, the Monday night protests marked the fifth time he had projected a message on the Trump International Hotel, and he has no intention of stopping.



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