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A leftist organization called “Rise and Resist” descended upon Trump’s Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park and took it over on Monday, in a President’s Day protest against the Trump administration’s policies on the arrests, detention and deportation of illegal aliens.

Skating protesters wore letters on their clothing that formed the words “RESIST” and “RESIGN” as they took over the rink and caused a ruckus.  Signs were also hung up around the rink that read, “No Detentions, No Deportations,” and “Resist.”

In addition to the skaters, protesters surrounded the rink, chanting, “Resist” and “Resign” and held anti-Trump signs, as park officials attempted to get them to leave.

Trump restored the city’s ice rink in 1986 with his own money, after the city had wasted $13 million over a six-year period and still had not gotten the job done.

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