Queens Kid Plotted Murder of NYPD Cops; Bought Gun with Fake ID

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A Queens teen, Ranbir Singh Shergill, 18, has been suspected of plotting to murder NYPD police officers, federal authorities said Wednesday. He was busted for illegally purchasing a firearm in Ohio with a fake I.D. Shergill became known to law enforcement on May 23 after he threatened to kill members of his family with a gun he stashed at home in Richmond Hill, where he lived with his parents.

A Glock handgun, seven magazines, and 118 rounds of ammunition were found in a box in Shergill’s bedroom. The teen admitted to authorities he had traveled to Ohio to purchase the gun for $500 from a private owner, showed the seller a fake I.D. he had obtained on the internet and then bought the ammo in Pennsylvania.

However, the most disturbing and troubling aspect of this story was the recovered note on Shergill’s iPhone that appeared to contain plans to kill cops. The note read: “Do it during a snowstorm, use the snow to mask your presence. Go from dunkin donuts on van wyck (Expressway) after shooting and killing officers … And one will be male other female. Then try to kill other nypd officers change clothes and go back to the crime scene or make false call.”

Shergill was arrested Wednesday. Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollack sealed the courtroom for a bail hearing so his defense lawyer could discuss Shergill’s medical history, and the finalization of the hearing will be held next Tuesday.


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