Radical Pro-Amnesty Group Offers Sponsorship Opportunities

LaRaza sign 3

The NCLR, or National Council of La Raza “The Race”, is a radical Latino civil rights organization that promotes open borders, amnesty for illegals, and fights for other special benefits and government assistance for illegal aliens, such as housing and drivers’ licenses.

La Raza is recruiting sponsors for their 2016 annual conference.  Touting the purchasing power of Latinos at $1.2 trillion annually, the organization is putting pressure on large corporations to partner with their organization, where they will return the favor by instructing Latinos to shop there.

“Latinos are a driving political and economic force in the United States,” says the recruitment message.   When the organization was first founded years ago, one of their rallying cries was that they were here to reclaim their land from the gringo.

According to their website, the following are already signed up to sponsor the event… and in doing so, to align with the La Raza agenda:   UPS, SUNSHINE HEALTH, TARGET & TOYOTA.

LaRaza sponsors

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