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Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D., Mass.) claims to have a Native American ancestry have some people demanding a DNA test. As Warren continues to insist that it’s necessary to prove her claim, a local Boston radio host admits he tried to stealthily get a DNA sample from the senator years ago, to settle the matter once and for all.

With even a well-respected genealogist questioning the validity of Warren’s ancestry assertions, demands for her to take a test are mounting. Warren, whose claims about her Native American past rely on family lore rather than official tribal documentation, said she knows who she is, and “nobody’s going to take that part of me away.”

According to the Washington Times, Boston radio host Howie Carr tried to.

From the Times: ...Carr revealed Friday that he attempted six years ago to obtain a DNA sample from a pen cap she removed with her teeth before she signed a book—and said he plans to try it again unless she agrees to take a test voluntarily.

Mr. Carr offered to send her overnight a DNA kit and challenged her to take the test with him “at the cheese shop of your choosing in Harvard Square” in order to resolve the dispute over her claims of Cherokee ancestry.

“I have a backup plan, but it will involve some sneaky stuff, which I’ve tried before,” Mr. Carr said in a Boston Herald op-ed.


“Before she realized she was being pranked, Fauxcahontas pulled the cap off the pen—with her teeth,” said Mr. Carr. “I sent the pen off for testing. But alas, there wasn’t enough saliva on it.”

The report continues: Mr. Carr, who first suggested [Warren] test her DNA in 2014, pointed out that the Massachusetts Democrat was likely to attend the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston, adding, “so if someone could grab her water glass.”

Calls for Warren to prove her ancestry largely stem from the fact that she was recognized as a minority faculty member at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania law schools, leading many to wonder if she benefited from listing a minority status that she had no right to claim.

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