Rafael Nadal Stops Tennis Match to Help Find Missing Girl

In a tennis superstar double exhibition match between Rafael Nadal and Simon Solbas and their opponents John McEnroe and Carlos Moya, Nadal stopped the intense match to help a distressed mother find her lost daughter. Nadal was about to serve the ball when he heard the mass panicking in the stands, and immediately ceased the game when he realized the commotion was over a missing child.

Immediately after stopping the game, the crowd of 7,000 realized something was wrong and all began searching for the little girl named Clara. Eventually, the girl was quickly located, and she and her mother were reunited in a tight embracing hug. Spectators applauded and cheered at the emotional scene.

Nadal and the tennis stars returned to their match, with Nadal and Solbas winning the victory against McEnroe and Moya. Clearly, Nadal was a champion all around.

Video and photos of the child being found can be viewed below:






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