Rapper Shocks Interviewer With His Take On Racism In America

In an interview on Fox Sports 1 Tuesday, rapper Lil Wayne gave an answer that left his hosts stunned.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., said his own personal reality is that he’s never experienced racism in all his 33 years.

Last week his hosts, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe did a whole segment on racism, while discussing Colin Kaepernick, and Sharpe went on a rant about how blacks are still upset about slavery.

Lil Wayne just blew their whole argument out of the water.

Bayless asked him, “Where are we in the United States of America in race relations, in what you see from day to day in your life?”

“Skip, they wouldn’t want to ask me that,” Lil Wayne answered. “They wouldn’t want my answer to represent them because God knows I have been nothing but blessed. These 33 years have been nothing but a blessing. I have never (and never is a strong word) never dealt with racism.”

“So you’ve never experienced any offensive behavior from any other color?” Bayless asked, looking shocked.

“Never,” the rapper stated.

He said a lot of white people show up as his concerts – proof they aren’t racist.

He said maybe just people coming together is the solution to the whole issue.

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