His name is Carlin Q. Williams.  He is 39-years-old and is from Kansas City, Missouri.  Carlin is an aspiring rapper who goes by the name, “Prince of Darkness.”  Carlin is currently serving time in federal prison on a gun conviction and is not set to be released until 2020.

But what makes him most interesting is that Carlin has filed a paternity claim against the estate of deceased rock-star, Prince.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.10.32 PMCarlin claims he is Prince’s biological son and the “sole surviving legal heir” to the Prince’s massive fortune estimated at $300,000,000.

Carline Q. Williams is the first to file a paternity claim against Prince’s estate. His petition for DNA testing comes a few days after a Carver County judge ordered DNA testing of Prince’s blood in anticipation of such claims.

According the this photo, there is a striking resemblance.

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