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On Wednesday evening I received a question from a reader at  The question is about the border crisis and the new photo of a migrant father and his child dead on the side of the Rio Grande.

Cindy writes: “Please DML….what IS the TRUTH??!! After seeing that man and child drown in the Rio Grande….who is at fault??!! President Trump says the Democrats need to change the laws and the Democrats say that Trump is to blame??!! Is the separation of families at the border ONLY because Trump says it must be… or was that law already on the books? I am sooo sick of being told how terrible Trump is by the sicko leftists….PLEASE WHAT IS THE TRUTH DML??!! 

I answered Cindy’s email with an example.

Dear Cindy:
Allow me to answer with an example…
Although I know it’s bad for my health, lets say I ignore what I know by means of turning on my Chevy truck and letting it run inside the garage while I wax the hood. The garage door is closed. I climb onto the hood so I can really rub in the wax. I eventually pass out due to the fumes and slide off the hood, hitting my head on the bumper. I die.

Who is to blame for my death? Exxon Mobile for selling me the gas, Chevy for making a slanted hood, Home Depot for making a solid garage door, or Turtle Wax? Answer that question correctly and you find the truth. — DML

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