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On Wednesday evening I received a question from a reader at  The question is about the border crisis and the new photo of a migrant father and his child dead on the side of the Rio Grande.

Cindy writes: “Please DML….what IS the TRUTH??!! After seeing that man and child drown in the Rio Grande….who is at fault??!! President Trump says the Democrats need to change the laws and the Democrats say that Trump is to blame??!! Is the separation of families at the border ONLY because Trump says it must be… or was that law already on the books? I am sooo sick of being told how terrible Trump is by the sicko leftists….PLEASE WHAT IS THE TRUTH DML??!! 

I answered Cindy’s email with an example.

Dear Cindy:
Allow me to answer with an example…
Although I know it’s bad for my health, lets say I ignore what I know by means of turning on my Chevy truck and letting it run inside the garage while I wax the hood. The garage door is closed. I climb onto the hood so I can really rub in the wax. I eventually pass out due to the fumes and slide off the hood, hitting my head on the bumper. I die.

Who is to blame for my death? Exxon Mobile for selling me the gas, Chevy for making a slanted hood, Home Depot for making a solid garage door, or Turtle Wax? Answer that question correctly and you find the truth. — DML

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  1. Great analogy DML! I believe that those illegal immigrants put themselves in dangerous situations.

  2. All the border and immigrant issues fall squarely on the last 28 years of administration’s . Ignorance is bliss , in this case it’s simply politics and votes

  3. I can’t believe that was even asked , no it’s not Trumps fault , would anybody in there right mind take that chance knowing what’s ahead of them , No , they would do it the right way legally

  4. And who took the photo, CNN, was it real or another set up by them? It’s too convenient to have happened the day before debates. If they hadn’t been caught doing things like this before, it wouldn’t occur to many of us.

  5. That was an excellent example. These people put themselves in danger and then everyone else gets the blame. They knew the consequences if they failed.

  6. Great answer. Anytime an illegal died crossing the border or are in custody with BP at a hospital and dies, it’s always President Trump’s fault. This is starting to get on my last nerve with these no good do nothing’s to help. Just wish our President would mandatory E-Verify with no food stamps, cash assistance, housing or medical. They would leave quickly.

    • Joanne I totally agree with. May I also add all this started before Trump took office. Democrats refuse to pass laws to prevent all these tragedies. We need to stop taking them in and pass laws where they cannot get aid, welfare, medical, food stamps, schooling, housing. The buck needs to stop here. Trump needs to get e-verify going stop the drivers lic. for all of them and sanction states that are not following federal law. Democrats need to do their jobs instead interfering by not providing the president with the support he needs to stop this invasion.

  7. I have lived in Arizona, New Mexico and now El Paso over the last 40 years. I’m 65. And this is a 40 year old problem at least which continued to get worse but no one talked about it because people weren’t organized in caravans and coming over by the hundreds and thousands a day. The flood gates opened under Obama because he was the door for Soros to use to walk in and do his dirty work plus Obama sold guns to the cartels and they had more power. I will never believe Obama wasn’t a Soros operative from the start. America changed drastically under Obama and powerful alliances were made in the Democrat party and Hillary was supposed to carry on Obama’s – Soros work for 8 years and by that time we’d be a Socialist country under Soros rule. The real fight here is between Trump and Soros. Trump said for years ever since I can remember he wouldn’t run for President unless his country needed him. He stepped in and woke up and rallied the American patriots and Soros lost ground, a lot of it. The Democrats are owned by Soros. He’s paying them to fight Trump in DC. Obama and his minions are still working to disrupt overseas, Hillary hasn’t been silenced, the media is owned by Soros, he’s paying for the caravans, look up what Soros owns and you’ll realize he’s infiltrated us in every way, insurance companies, food chains, religious organizations, charities of all descriptions, he’s the enemy. Trump knows and he’s fighting him worldwide. So the problems and lack of democrats to create solutions is because they’re paid not to. Soros really is a Natzi. And he has children, grandchildren and to continue the takeover is their legacy. If you research you’ll find this information. We have to keep fighting and keep using our own networks to get the truth out. Keep the faith and keep standing for Trump.

    • I agree with you 100%! And look what’s going on with Iran.. you don’t think John Kerry isn’t involved in this.. trying to get President Trump to get into a war they know that would most likely be the end of his presidency. Democrats are just plain evil people and we need to start talking more to our family and friends that are blinded by the demons! If your friends and family don’t have cable TV and they just watch regular news or they don’t have DML they’re not going to get the truth mainstream media is horrific! Fox news is actually getting sickening. OAN is probably the best news Network out there! Too bad not all cable have that tv is the only one that I’ve seen it on.

  8. Great analogy DML!! These people know the consequences and they choose to come here anyway! I hate that this happened BUT ITS THEIR OWN FAULT!!! When they come by the thousands, it takes a minute to process them! Yes WE need to make sure OUR CITIZENS are protected from them FIRST!! End of story!! May they RIP!

  9. Absolutely those immigrants put themselves in danger of danger! If you know that the road, river or forest is dangerous but you go there anyway you are responsible for yourself. DML your analogy was right on the money. The adults should have had more sense then to take their children into such a dangerous journey.

  10. President Trump did not tell those people from those countries to risk there lives to make that long journey so it is wrong for the media and left TV channels to blame our POTUS no watch TV anymore listen to radio blaze radio Rush and Gallagher God Bless Our President and God Bless America.

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